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Say the right words.
Find your
 biggest fans.

I take the weight of copywriting off the shoulders of small, overwhelmed teams so they can 

boost their bottom lineand stress less.

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"A great personality to have in the room. Siobhan's spirit and collaborative approach is so refreshing."

Tiffany A., Reflex Media, NV


Hey — What's up?
I'm Siobhan Mountain.

I'm a creative, no-bullsh*t copywriter specializing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) copy for bold, purpose-driven teams.


My mission is simple: I'm here to help you connect with your dream customers, grow your biz with confidence, and smash your money goals so you can stress less — while freeing up more time to focus exclusively on what you do best.

Wanna lighten your copy load?
Here's how I can help.

Website Copy

packages from $3,000

Writing your own copy is the worst, isn't it? Especially when you've got a million other things to take care of (like, you know, running your biz). Make sure your web copy drives the results you want. I'm here to craft the perfect message for your target market so you can grow your biz and reach your money goals faster. 


packages from $1,200

Get highly effective emails designed to nurture new leads or promote your next sale or product launch, perfectly tailored to your target market.

Have emails already written up, but something about them just feels off? Say no more. I offer rewrites, too!

AI Rewrites

packages from $1,000

Let's face it: AI-generated copy is really sh*tty. Got some AI copy of your own that needs fixing? I've got you. Drop me a line, and let's make your words sound human again (because if there's one thing I know it's that your human customers prefer copy by humans, for humans). 

Lookin' for something else?

I love working on web copy and emails — but sometimes I do other things too. If you've got something special in mind, I'm all ears!

location: Maine, USA

I write from an 1850s colonial not far from Stephen King's house (random but fun fact) — and my office is in the attic. It's a nice attic, though. Promise. 


My response rate is a little off the charts when I'm at my desk. Send me a message, and I'll get back to you in a flash!

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