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Say the right words.
Watch your business grow.

Stress less, achieve more 

Leave the copywriting to me.


Wanna shorten your ugh-do-I-have-to list?

Here's how I can help.


Get highly effective emails designed to nurture new leads or promote your next sale or product launch. Best part? These bad boys will actually sound like you and speak to your audience

Reach out for pricing info.

Website Copy

Let's face it, writing your own copy is the worst. Make sure your web copy drives the results you want. I'll craft the perfect message for your target market so you can grow your biz and reach your money goals faster. 

Reach out for pricing info.

Copy Audits

Is your web copy up to date? Current emails underperforming? Say lessGet a comprehensive copy audit that will outline exactly how to bring your current copy and content up to speed. 

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How's it goin'?

I'm Siobhan

Your small biz 


I'm a creative copywriter specializing in direct-to-consumer (DTC) copy for bold, purpose-driven teams and solopreneurs in my home state of  Maine.


My mission is simple.


I'm here to help small business owners like you:

  • Connect with your dream customers (on and off-season)


  • Crush your business goals


  • Carve out more time each day to focus on what you love most — which, if you're here, probably isn't writing copy, amIright?

Maine-based copywriter, Siobhan Mountain


Why choose me over someone else?

It's simple, really . . .

I'm Organized

I spent 5 years writing for a productivity expert. So, when I say I'm organized and highly efficient, I mean it. I arrange all of my projects so you know exactly what copy goes 'where' — and I use services like Google Drive and Dropbox to keep the work I do for you as easy to manage as possible.

I'm Resourceful

In other words, when I've got questions, I find answers. (No need for extra hand-holding here!) I've been a copywriter for over ten years — and I always do my research so I know exactly "what's up" when it comes to your biz and those of your competitors.

I Get Sh*t Done

Listen. When it comes to deadlines, I don't mess around. I do what I say I'm going to do, when I say I'm going to do it. And here's the best part: I don't half-ass anything, ever. (My friends say it's the Virgo in me. But honestly, is there any other way to be? I think not.)


What my awesome clients say . . .

"Highly collaborative. Siobhan goes above and beyond to ensure her copy is on point."

Lorena V.


"Great personality. Siobhan's spirit and collaborative approach is so refreshing."

Tiffany A.


"Siobhan is swift. She brings a fresh, new perspective to the copywriting process."

Andrew B.

Reflex Media


Here's how it works . . .

Listen. I'm not into soul-crushing sales pitches (it's not my style). So, the first step in my process is a simple vibe check between you and me. Whether that's through email or Zoom is totally up to you.


If we both give the green light, then we'll map out the scope of your project and set a deadline. When your project's due, I hand over polished copy that sounds like you and speaks to your market. Easy peasy.


Your questions, answered:

  • My business is located outside of Maine. Does this mean you won't work with me?
    Short answer? No, you do not need to be a "Mainer" or do business exclusively in Maine to work with me. While my primary focus is supporting small businesses within my local community, I'm always open to working with clients outside of that sphere if the vibe's right! All you gotta do is ask! Send me a message, and let's talk.
  • How much do your copywriting services cost?
    Costs vary depending on the scope of your copywriting needs. However, I operate on a project-based system — which is just a fancy way of saying I do not charge my clients by the hour. Instead, I offer all-in-one packages for all of my services. Packages are priced based on the average "fee" that copywriters with experience similar to me charge (writing is an art form; as an artist, maintaining this sort of solidarity with fellow artists in my field is important to me). Generally speaking: • Email packages begin at $1,650 • Web copy packages begin at $3,000 • Copy audits begin at $1,200
  • What if I don't know what type of copywriting service I need?
    A copy audit is a great place to start. I'll take a look at your website, current Welcome Flow email series or promotional campaigns, blog posts or social content, and identify the gaps that exist in your business. From there, I'll create a comprehensive list of steps you can take that will help you fill in the gaps so your potential customers will stop falling through the cracks. Just ask!
  • Let's say I don't need you to write copy for an entire email campaign or my entire website. Can I still hire you to write a single email or landing page?
    Oh, hell yes — Honey, you can! However, your investment will depend on the "type" of email or landing page you're after. Copy needed for your website's home page, for example, will differ from the copy on your About page. Email copy works the same way. But don't worry! I got you either way. Send me a message, and together we can flesh out the details to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Let's get copywriting off your
ugh-do-I-have-to list.

My process starts with a zero-pressure meet and greet —

So let's set one up! Shoot me a message. I'll get back to you in a flash.

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