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Behold! Here's some of my work in a tiny corner of the interweb.

Holding a Balloon

Purecare | Home Goods

I completed an array of copywork for this sleep wellness-inspired brand in the luxury bedding industry. Emails. Web copy. Product names, descriptions, and packaging. Blog posts. Sales flyers. Social media posts. DTC (and B2B) mailer inserts and print ads. You name it, we did it.

Bob's Discount | Home Goods

Oh, my Bob! — This brand's fun. I wrote product packaging for Bob's Discount brick-and-mortar stores, developed product names, and completed packaging copy for their product development team.

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. | Health & Wellness

I worked directly with Dr. Weil's in-house content, creative, and executive teams to ghostwrite multiple blog posts for Dr. Weil's website. I also spearheaded the product naming and packaging copy for Dr. Weil's wellness-inspired bedding collection with Purecare — and created promotional web, email,  ad copy and social media content.

Reflex Media | Lifestyle

Writing for two separate brands beneath this umbrella agency, I created everything from promotional email campaigns, autoresponders, banners, pop-ups, digital ads, web copy, sales pages, blog posts — and more.

Tanya Dalton | Self-Improvement, Podcast

I managed the scope of Tanya's content strategy, research, and writing for her top-rated productivity podcast, The Intentional Advantage. Blog posts, copyediting, and proofreading were also part of my ongoing projects.

inkWELL Press | E-Commerce

I collaborated on the blog strategy for inkWELL Press and wrote multiple blog posts focused on time management, productivity, and planning over the course of 4+ years.

Wish you had one less thing
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